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Discover the Key to Maintaining a Productive Classroom

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Helping You, so You Can Help Your Students

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Greetings! My name is Cassius B. Murphy, and I’m the founder of CasTek Innovative Solutions, one of the nation's premier authorities in classroom management.  I’m passionate about empowering teachers and making a difference in the lives of our children.

That’s why I offer classroom management training and staff development services to educators in the public, private, alternative, and charter school systems. Through my services, teachers can be better equipped to instruct and guide their students. As an education consultant, I provide behavioral classroom management training to decrease unwanted low-level behaviors and give teachers more time to teach!

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As a keynote speaker, I've spoken at conferences and breakout sessions. Aside from that, I’ve facilitated classes and was a former radio personality in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area and the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area.

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A Compassionate Spirit

I started serving the community by volunteering my time as a mentor in the Washington, D.C., metro area guiding at-risk youth. My desire to see young individuals succeed in educational, social and home environments prompted me to learn more about psychological and social behavior in adolescents.

Reaching Out to Others

Through hands-on experience and intense coursework in psychology, counseling and social work, I utilized my gifts and abilities to reach youth across cultural, poverty, and racial lines. I de-escalated unwanted behavioral patterns in classrooms, residential treatment milieu, homes and solved many problematic issues.

Providing Solutions to Tough Problems

I’m trained in behavior management, crisis intervention and trauma-informed care techniques. Through my expertise, I’m able to communicate with educators and administrators about specific strategies on how to stay focused and how to teach effectively. I show them how to avoid power struggles and deal with negative and aggressive behaviors in the classroom.

Schools across America are facing major challenges, such as lack of parental involvement, outdated teacher training methods, and high dropout rates. Through my nationally accredited program, you can implement this problem-solving mentality in your
school or district.

This will help minimize distractions, eliminate poor learning habits, and develop a consistent, positive, and healthy learning environment for your teachers and students. You may also read my blog on Disruptive Behaviors in the Public School System at the following link: 

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